I See London

After Positano we flew to London. We booked an Airbnb for 10 nights. After all of the Italy traveling it was very nice to stay in a place for more than a few nights. We explored a lot in London. Checked out notting hill, went to a couple museums( the Victoria and Albert museum and the Tate) and relaxed in our flat. London was nice. It didn't rain much while we were there and it wasn't too cold. Here are a few random pics from London.


We took a little day trip to Capri today. The ferry from Positano was about 50 minutes. I was most excited to visit La Fontelina beach club(the famous island beach with the pretty blue and white umbrellas) but once we got to the island it was so beautiful that I couldn't pick a highlight. It reminding me of Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. . If Rodeo Dr. was on a fancy island.


Positano!!! Ever since I discovered this magical city on Instagram I immediately added it to my travel list. Am I the only one that finds new places to travel from scrolling through my Instagram feed? .. Let me say that Positano is not only just as amazing in person, it's more. It's one of those places that you can point your camera anywhere and take a beautiful picture. This was my 2nd time in Italy, I went to Venice a couple of years ago. It was Travis's 1st time though. He said it was the most beautiful place he'd ever seen. We were both a bit disappointed about the food though. Living near many incredible Italian restaurants in Santa Monica our hopes were high for pizza and pasta. Although the food was good in Positano we didn't go anywhere that was great. We did discover the most amazing creme filled sugar donuts! If you visit Positano you must go to La Zagara. We were obsessed with the bomba alla crema.


Rome was never on my bucket list. It was Travis's idea to add it to our September travels. Once we made reservations to visit I knew I wanted to take pictures at the Fontana di Trevi Roma and Travis wanted to see the colosseum. Although we were only there for less than 24 hours I enjoyed Rome more than I expected to. I'd love to go back after learning more about Rome's history and maybe even do a tour type thing. . If you plan to visit the colosseum make sure to to get there as early as possible. The line to get inside gets crazy ridiculous. We went around 9am and the line easily looked like a 3/4 hour wait.